Welcome to the D&D Resurgence campaign. This is a vanilla D&D5e game set in the far future of Neverwinter. Monsters, wars, and magic have been obscured by ages of time, now only legends and myth.

However, a great disturbance in the fabric between realms has suddenly ripped this tranquility away, to reveal a world plummeting into war, riddled with monsters trapped in the deepest crevasses for two ages, and denizens discovering their innate magical abilities passed through countless generations welling to life, often in terrifying ways.

Will the realms reunite, instead of clamoring for legendary artifacts on buses with magical powers? Will order reign over the magical, “touched” individuals using their power for gain, and those touched who are outcast from society? Most importantly, what caused the Resurgence? What is coming from behind the veil between all realms? Can it be stopped before chaos turns the entire universe on its head?


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