Servant of the Raven Queen


Karraak is one of the Raven Queen’s kenku, commanded to accompany the party on their quest to reclaim the Piercing Orb or capture Galeaeas’s Mirror before Manaas is able to use their combined power. Karraak is a female kenku (wingless crow person) and wears iridescent blue silk robes with a headband and sandals.

Karraak initially appeared to be mute, and has been instructed on pain of eternal suffering, to not interfere with the party’s actions. However, Karraak is sharp-minded and knows the difference between intervene and interfere. In Session 13a, she finally intervened when, using her hand to cover the jewel embedded in her headband through which the Raven Queen is apparently able to observe the party, she spoke with the party offering sage advice. Her voice is deep, smooth, and has speech patterns similar to that of native American.

During the massive, story arc ending battle, Karrak revealed she is exceptionally agile, perceptive, and adept in both hand-to-hand combat and use of staves. She is a Monk class three levels above the party members, and ensures they remain subservient to the Raven Queen.

See Volo’s Guide to Monsters, for a full background of the Kenku race.


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